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38 Attendees Of A Florida Gay Pride Festival Test Positive For Covid 19


Could earlier leadership from the Governor have made a difference? Who should have warned us? That is the burning question on the mind of attendees of the Winter Party Festival hosted by the "National LGBTQ Task Force" in Miami Beach, Florida. That is after 38 attendees of the festival tested positive for COVID 19 also known as the coronavirus. Of the attendees, 2 have died. What's more, many disbursed across the country after the festival ended. Florida was among a number of states with Governor's who were reluctant to impose "stay at home" orders to protect citizens and slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. Gov. Ron Desantis' opposition was particularly noted in major press outlets. Social distancing efforts were non-existent during the Winter Party Festival which like most circuit party's included gay men packed together dancing in a hot sweaty mess. We like it like that. If only someone would of of told them that this wasn't the time for that. #FunnyMoneyRock is a content platform powered by Icon City Entertainment for urban LGBT news and related musical content and events. The #FunnyMoneyRockPlaylist Apple Music and Spotify are the only curated playlist featuring 100% LGBT Hip-Hop & R&B music from signed and independent artists. Join our mailing list to stay connected: https://mailchi.mp/2c30044d26b5/funnymoneyrock Questions comments and concerns team@funnymoneyrock.com #covid19 #winterparty #iconcitymiami