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New Content Platform For Queer Urban Creators


What is #FunnyMoneyRock? It might seem like gay rights and the need for queer representations for LGBT people of color is over because of the successes of people like Lil Nas X, Frank Ocean, Billy Porter, and others but we know that our community is filled to the brim with talented individuals of all styles and disciplines. That's why we started #FunnyMoneyRock. #FunnyMoneyRock is a content platform for LGBT urban artists consisting of a curated playlist, concert series, weekly web show & label services like distributions and playlist promotion. 1. The Playlist The #FunnyMoneyRockPlaylist and Apple Music and Spotify and Tidal is the only curated playlist featuring 100% LGBT Hip-Hop & R & B from signed and independent artists. 2. Concert Series The #FunnyMoneyLive concert series is designed to connect LGBT talent with eager audiences in a live music venue. 3. The Weekly Show #FunnyMoneyRockLive is our weekly web show where host Anye Elite interviews artists, activists, and entrepreneurs from the urban LGBT community. The show airs every Wednesday at 9 pm eastern / 6 pm pacific time on Youtube, Facebook & FunnyMoneyRock.com 4. Label Services Through our partnership with our parent company Icon City Entertainment, we are able to provide free and discounted label services like music distribution to Apple, Spotify, and over 20 additional streaming platforms. For more information on #FunnyMoneyRock email team@funnymoneyrock.com or visit our website.