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Rapper Finally Breaks Down Politics For The Streets


Next time someone says their vote doesn't count, play this. I don't know if you've seen it yet but Ohio rapper YelloPain is making major waves with the video for his latest song "My Vote Don't Count". In it he breaks down the three branches of government in a way that will not only open your eyes but also keep your head nodding. At the time of this article the video has over a half a million votes. Based on the number of people that I've had conversations about the video with, I suspect that there may be a bug in the system and that he has more views. Either way this may be a good sign for #theblackvote2020 No Trump Bashing In light of the rising number of African-American Trump supporters, it's probably helpful that YelloPain avoids trashing the current commander in chief. In a sense the main point of the song is to encourage people to look deeper into the political system than the high profile races for executive positions like President and Governor. First Song To Be Added To Both Icon City Entertainment Playlists In honor of the upcoming 2020 election our editorial team added "My Vote Doesn't Count" to the #FunnyMoneyLive and #SmokeandSound playlist.