Mood: East Coast Ratchet!

So about this whole Bam Bam thing.  When I started making music I wanted to be a singer (ala Mariah Carey) with a bunch of rappers cosigning me with their gritty verses.  So I'd pretend to be someone else when I would rap on my old demos.  Funny thing is I ended up coming out as a rapper who liked to sing.  Crazy how things change huh?  Anyways that personality's name was Bam Bam.

On this EP, "Adventures of Bam Bam" I leave the singing behind (except for the last track, lol) and give Bam Bam his overdue spotlight.  Bam Bam's a homo-thug, a turn-up king, and an all-around f*ck boi, but I love him anyway.  I hope ya'll do too.

I have to thank my baby Rob (a.k.a mystery boo from the "No Faux" liner notes) my circle has definitely tightened since we got together (another reference to the last album's liner notes) but with you, I feel like I can conquer the world.

S/O to my Aunt Debbie and all the family members that can't hear this album.  Big love to Philly and Atlanta ya'll are my eternal inspiration.  Stephaun Elite, Korin, Jadea Lee, Bri Summers, Jerica and David, Venice, Anthony Morris and anyone I forgot.  I love ya'll  


That being said, nothing moves without my fans and fellow Icon City citizens.  If we never sell out stadiums that's ok cause the energy ya'll give me when we connect is everything.  Catch you on Broad.



Anye Elite

P.S. : To my Dad.  Although you missed my childhood and young-adulting.  I'm glad that we are in a better space. Never in a million years would I have imagined you'd be rapping one of my songs with me (Track #5).  It's all love, Black.