Riley Knoxx makes "herstory" as the first Trans NBA performer.

Who Runs The World? Maybe Riley Knoxx who's making big waves as a Beyonce impersonator. Yes, there are numerous drag queens and trans performers who do almost spot of tributes to our faves but this is different. American corporations are finally waking up to the fact that consumers want diversity in their television choices. Some people want to be affirmed others want to see something different. One thing the LGBT community is known for is making the opulent accessible. That's why we're applauding the NBA's choice to welcome Knoxx as the halftime performer at the Washinton Wizard's Pride night game against the Atlanta Falcons. Shout out the ATL and DMV! We can't think of two better fits.

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The new agreement also includes pay increase & expanded benefits.

National Football League players will no longer face the chance of being suspended from games solely for testing positive for marijuana under a new agreement approved by team owners and circulated to players.

If the new collective bargaining agreement isn’t ratified by that time, players would undergo another season where testing positive for marijuana can result in fines, suspension and rehabilitation.

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They even performed her song.

Well I have to admit that I was wrong, I didn't have high expectations for this year's Super Bowl halftime show. Not anything specific against Shakira or Jennifer Lopez. Honestly, I was still a little bitter about Kaepernick, Jay-Z & the NFL at large.

While those grievances have not fully been addressed, I realized that a celebration of people of color anywhere is a celebration everywhere. If you haven't seen it check out below before you continue reading.

Miami couldn't have been a better place for these two latinx divas to rule the stage, as it hold a mecca like status for Latin Americans much like Atlanta does for African Americans.

Who We Saw & Who We Missed:

J Balvin and Bad Bunny did awesome as hype-men for the two leading ladies but in what was clearly designed to be a message about the force that is latin women in music and I can't think of a bigger one right now then one Cardi B!

Even though Shakira performed one of her songs, Cardi seems to be more impressed with her idols than not being included.

Shakira Won The Trending Battle

Both women did fabulously but Shakira won the online conversation. After the performance I checked to see what was trending. This is probably best explained by the fact that we kinda see J.Lo all the time.

Who do you think brought the most to the Halftime Show?