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Bryan Gallo

Portfolio & References

Current Project/Client: Icon City News (In-House Content Platform) (Active)

Role: Copywriter 

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Icon City News allows us to pump immediate 3rd party legitimacy into start ups, new product launches and location openings via our social media, email, and SEO content distribution channels

*Year To Date As Of 02/24/2020

Previous Project/Client: Recording Radio Film Connection & Casa Schools (2016-2018)

Role: Social Media Manager

During my tenure as social media coordinator and later social media manager at The Recording Radio Film Connection & Casa Schools, I created and launched the #NoClassRoomNeeded (later #ThisIsMyClassRoom) campaign which organically raised Recording Connection's follower count across all platforms by 30,000.

Previous Project/Client: MEG TOYS / Morrison Entertainment Group (2016-2018)

Role: Digital Marketing Consultant

During my tenure as digital marketing consultant for MEG Toys we reintroduced the company's beloved evergreen brand "Puppy In My Pocket" to a new generations of kids via a youtube series garnering over 1 million views. 

Current Project/Client: Smoke&Sound, Grassdoor LLC, (Active)

Role: Brand Ambassador 


Currently we are working with marijuana delivery service Grassdoor, LLC to help grow their Los Angeles market share via Brand Ambassadorship programs.



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