Icon City Digital Marketing and Management (formerly Ellis Island Entertainment) provides free or discounted digital marketing services to entrepreneurs from underserved communities.


Services include:

-social media management

-web design



This unique opportunity is designed to allow underserved creators and entrepreneurs to be more competitive with their counterparts who have on average greater access to marketing and other resources.


Smoke and Sound’s programs are created to combat the stigma associated with marijuana which negatively affects African Americans disproportionately across numerous aspects of American life including the justice system and job market.


Current Initiatives Include:

-Tracking Legalization Efforts

-Securing Restorative Justice For Nonviolent Drug Offenders

-Supporting Initiatives To Deliver Equity To Minority Cannabis Professionals

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#FunnyMoneyRock: is our support program for entrepreneurs and creatives who produce products and content for the LGBT community through a number of promotional and marketing initiatives such as published features on our content platforms, music distribution, live performance or presentation opportunities, and/or placement in our retail marketplace.



#FunnyMoneyRock projects are designed with the aim of empowering queer creatives from underserved communities. These programs encourage self-awareness, civic engagement, and fiscal responsibility.


Past Initiatives Have Focused On :

-Violence Against Trans Women

-Black Gay History

-Intellectual Property


Icon City Marketplace: offers retail placement for products created by artisans from underserved communities. We pair participants with e-commerce professionals who help the creator bring their product to market. We also provide turn-key logistical support until the creator is ready to launch their business independently. Similar to the Icon City Digital project, the Marketplace is designed to allow underserved communities the opportunity to support businesses within the same community and to level the playing field.

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