After years of struggling with race and sexuality and all the other categories used to divide and limit us, I realized the best thing I could do for the world was to be unapolegetically authentic.  Thus "No Faux" was born.  


I hope that this album will push members, allies, and others outside the LGBT community  to see ourselves beyond the roles and stereotypes that are so often suggested to us. 

I have to thank the multi-talented Brenden Leigh for literally making me get off my ass and into the studio.  D.Senton for doing the same and more!  Also to Aunt Debbie and Terell for being my emotional rocks (who knows where I'd be without y'all).  To My Love: Even though I wrote this album before we met, I feel like I was manifesting us the whole time especially track #4. lol

Finally to my fans, or fellow citizens as I prefer to refer to you, y'all are everything to me.  It doesn't matter how many or how few, how old or how new, I'll always be here for you.