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Anye Elite Releases New Album “No Faux”

Gay Rapper "Get's Real" On Latest Album

The lovestruck lyrics and the smile in his voice will make a believer out of the most jaded of listeners.

- Lauren Bruer, The QueerTran Music Blog

In addition to releasing additional remixes and touring at the end of the year; Elite is also working on a short film interpretation of “No Faux” with a percentage of proceeds going to economic empowerment initiatives in the LGBT community


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Los Angeles, California: A year after a video of his controversial gay pride anthem “Yass Lawt” spread across the internet last summer, rapper and activist Anye Elite releases his debut studio album “No Faux” on Itunes and other online retailers.  


Although “Yass Lawt” is not the only song on the album to explore gay dating and relationships.  

“No Faux” also honors Anye’s  background as an activist on tracks like “Pushin’” and “Ode to Baldwin” which address topics such as homophobia in the black community as well as economic injustice (and yes, Trump.)  “Ode” features a cameo by the late author and civil rights leader, James Baldwin.  Spotify included the title track on it's official Work It, Own It playlist for gay pride season.  Elite hopes his album will “push members, allies, and others outside the LGBT community  to see ourselves [sic] beyond the roles and stereotypes that are so often suggested to us.” according to a statement on his website.