Make-Up Artist

a passionate Makeup Artist to join our creator’s team. Assessing skin type, selecting appropriate products to build a custom look, and applying makeup to create the desired image are key components to this position. Some responsibilities of this role include but are not limited to the preparation, planning, and budgeting of makeup for models and cast. Candidates will have a willingness to learn, research, and develop styling techniques to support the overall look and theme of various projects. You will work in close collaboration with the director and staff.

Op Code
Work Site
75 Flat Rate
Palm Springs


  • Ensure cast and models’ make up is properly applied, touched up and prepared for shooting throughout the day.

  • Work with creators, directors and other artists to develop custom looks for a project.

  • Determine the necessary supplies and equipment needed to purchase per project budget.

  • Clean and maintain makeup applicators, products, and tools.

  • Ability to work on a flexible schedule to meet deadlines during events, projects and various photography and film sessions.

  • Conduct market research to stay up to date on the best practices, styling techniques, and products of current trends.

  • Prepare budget planning for makeup supplies and tools.

  • Create, form and maintain hair styling for our models and cast.