Kamala Harris Get's Last Laugh

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Out of the race, but not out of the game.

According to a recent CNN article the junior senator from California told her staff that she will be announcing her withdrawal from the 2020 election today.

Between early attacks on her prosecutorial career that blocked early support in the black community to the addition of two self funded billionaire canidates. While acknowledging she couldn't self fund, Harris has finally through in the towel.

Video: Will Black People Be Blamed From Trump's Second Term?

This story is developing. We'll bring you more details once they are available.

Kamala Led Poll Of Icon City Viewers

Before the first debate was over we wondered how Sen. Kamala Harris would deal with the attention that was sure to come her way after an impressive showing against "inevitable candidate" Vice President Joe Biden. With accusations of race baiting and the fact that she's still a moderate in a liberal party the spotlight is on the young senators family, history as an attorney general, and more.

The knives are out on all sides and time will tell how she weathers. Sure, the Howard University alum is great at prosecuting and being on the offense; but can she take a punch as well as she throws one?

Over the summer an unscientific poll of Icon City users; U.S. Senator Kamala Harris is the clear favorite. Sanders, Booker, and Warren also reach double digit support. It should be noted that many of the site's viewership identify as LGBT people of color.


This was after she laid the smackdown at an earlier DNC debate.


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