Must Hear: Tameka Thompson’s Debut EP

An L.A. Songbird Takes Flight

If you’re into silky vocals and 3 am grooves then stop what you doing and listen to the debut effort of Tameka Thompson, it's titled “Not That Girl”. Thompson is a long time feature and background singer stepping out into her own light and we’re so glad she’s here. Check out some of the highlights below:

Track 1: On Top Of The World

Tameka starts the set off with a Brandy homage. It’s a nod that singer’s singers around the world will immediately appreciate.

Track 2: Alone

We got a sneak preview of one of the “Not That Girl” tracks earlier this year and as you can see were blown away!

Track 3: Memories

The whole project is smoker friendly but, this one is will get you high without the THC. Hip-Hop heads will definitely appreciate the Kanye West shout out.

Track 4: Drive

An amazing track featuring R&B crooner Brenden Leigh. Tameka rides the beat like a true G. The throaty vocals play off the instrumentation very well.

Track 5: Showtime

A nice knock the boots special!

Track 6: Negativity

What’s an R&B album without a kiss off?

"Not That Girl" is available on all music streaming services and is currently the #1 track on the #FunnyMoneyRock playlist.


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