Sada Baby Calls NBA Youngboy Gay

What year is this again?

Remember when calling someone gay as an insult was cool? It's been a while but apparently rapper Sada Baby hasn't gotten the memo.

Although no one is quite sure of the origin, Sada Baby is currently embroiled in a beef with NBA Youngboy who's kinda having a moment right now. Perhaps that's why Sada thought he would make a name for himself off of the newest member of the Mayweather dynasty (NBA's dating Floyd's daughter).

The gay allegations are based on an old picture circulating the internet of NBA Youngboy having a bottle of what appears to be lean poured by another man's hands. Not just homophobic but kinda ableist as well.

The thing with going to sexuality as an attack is that the tactic more often says more about the attacker than the person being attacked. No doubt people are looking at Sada Baby trying to find out why he's so concerned about what another man does with his hole and pole.

Check out both of the rapper's work above if you're not familiar?


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