Why I'm Adopting The Lil Wayne Approach To Trump

Updated: Feb 3

Rapper Releases "Funeral" On The Same Day That America Democracy Dies.

Hip-Hop superstar Lil Wayne's first release since 2018 is sharing #trending status with the third ever impeachment trial of a U.S. President.

In many aspects the social media users participating in both of these cultural moments might as well be on different planets. While hip-hop lovers are no doubt celebrating a return to the strong "lyricism" that's been absent in the mumble rap movement.

On the other hand you have politicians and the chattering class lamenting the end of the "rule of law" as Republican's refuse to hear more evidence in the impeachment trial of Donald J Trump, despite pretty much knowing he's guilty. Not to mention the endless drip of additional information like the fact that Pat Cipollone, the president's White House counsel was involved in the Ukraine extortion scandal as early as May.

That's why I decided to see if the great Weezy has ever spoke on the cheetah in chief. As it turns out that's not something he's really interested in doing. In a Kanye world, we'll take it. Actually according to Lil Wayne he doesn't even know who the guy is.

Back in 2016 in an interview with Paper Magazine when asked if he had any words for Donald Trump, he simply laughed and showed that he has truly transcended the mortal world, saying, "Who's that?"

In honor of Wayne's latest release, I'm gonna take a page out of his book. Don't expect any more articles about D.C. this weekend. Maybe I'll get my strength back on Monday ,but for now I'm gonna roll up a fatty and lose myself in Wayne's new album because it's truly a masterpiece.

Stand Out Tracks

The internet is going crazy over "Mama Mia" which it should be my favorite ,but it is the posse track "I Do It" (listen below) featuring Big Sean and Lil Baby.

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