New Jersey Still Waiting On Legal Pot Despite Passing Numerous Bills

This is why people are mad. It might be time to check in on your favorite new jersey stoners, as the effort to legalize marijuana in New Jersey appears to stall despite a historic ballot initiative in which some 2.7 million voters cast their votes in favor of legalization. Their Governor, Phil Murphy was elected with the thought that a bill would be signed into law early in his term. Three years later people are getting antsy, that's to say nothing of the economic prospects of opening up a new market. Many are left to ask what the problem is if the people and their elected officials have already expressed support? Well seems like a lot can go wrong. A ridiculously well-written article in count approximately 8 times during the current governor's term that there's been some legal or political movement only to be delayed in some fashion. Smoke and is a content platform powered by Icon City Entertainment for cannabis news and related musical content and events. The #SmokeAndSoundPlaylist on Apple Music and Spotify features the latest smoke friendly music from signed and independent artists.