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Finally A Show For Black Gay Women

Because there's more to being a lesbian than looking like one. From Real Housewives of Atlanta to Love and Hip-Hop there's is no shortage of reality shows featuring black women. Amongst the many depictions of Dr.'s wives, real unmarried housewives, and rapper baby momma's; network executives have seemed to be uninterested in the many women of color who are raising families and holding down careers in same-gendered relationships. A number of African-American women in southern California are on a mission to change that.

As it's title suggests the Fems LA Show takes us inside the lives of four women of color who happen to be feminine lesbians. Similar to masculine gay men and people of mixed heritage; "Fems" (feminine lesbians) are confronted with the choice of publicly embracing the marginalized aspects of their identity versus hiding those aspects and "passing" as an unexceptional member of the mainstream society.

Meet The Fems Jaeden Zoe: Jaeden Zoe is a singer and model recently returning to the Los Angeles area from New York City. Her latest single "Twrk IT" is the latest addition to the #FunnyMoneyRockPlaylist Antoinette: Antoinette is clearly the resident mogul of the group. So far as we can count she's managing a non-profit, running a hair business, & staring in a new reality show. The Fullerton grad's Family Beyond The Gates provides support to families impacted by mass incarceration. Mashayla aka Bonita: It looks like the challenges of parenthood might be part of Mashayla's storyline but we also suspect she might be the one to "set it off" with the other girls. Call it a hunch. Nah just kidding we saw an ankle bracelet in the previews.

P.S: Her girlfriend Asia is #studgoals Leilam aka Gaudy Glitch: You might know Leilam by her rap stage name Gaudy Glitch. Check out the ladies and the drama's in their first episode below: