For Immediate Release

Jamari Blahnik Announces 2017 Ovahness Ball

Calling the kids. Who's gonna get these tens? Get tickets here Legendary Father Jamari Blahnik Presents:

Ovahness 12: Gothic Playground

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

356 S. Mission Rd, Los Angeles, CA

Commentated by Icon Jack Mizrahi and Legendary Enyce Ebony

Soundtrack by DJ Ben Extravaganza

Admission: $40 OR Free HIV Test at REACH LA in November (Dates TBA)

Tables: $100 in advance; $125 at the door

(a table purchase does not include admission)

Organization / Vendor Tables: $200

(includes 2 Ball tickets, a resource table, and 2 chairs for 2 staff)

*additional staff must pay general admission*


Grand Prize: Realness w/ a Twist

In The Name Of Legendary JAMARI "NiNjA” BLAHNIK, bring it as “The Crow”… Head to Toe (wig, jacket, leather bottoms, boots)! What would NiNjA do?!?! [1 Trophy, $$$]


BQ: The Dope Show

Tonight it's your show, bring to life one of Marilyn Manson's looks make it sexy and don't forget your contacts [1 Trophy]

FF: Mistress Of The Night

Tonight it's your Night to step into the dark side and control the the crowd as {Elvira} [1 Trophy]

OTA FACE [$$$]

FF Vs BQ: Rock Glam! and Anything but Hair Tonight we are looking for The New Face of Rock Glam Magazine (Think bald cap or anything but hair {think spikes, stones, glitter ext) [2 Trophies]


SchoolBoy Vs Butch [1 cash $$$]:

Punk Skater

He was A Skater Boy He said See You later Boy In a Rock Graphic T-shirt and Wallet chain [2 Trophies]

BQ Pretty Boy:

You’re the lead singer of a new rock band ready to perform in, ripped jeans a denim jacket and flannel

(Metallica, Lincoln Park, Green Day, Nirvana) [1 Trophy, $$$]

Thugs Vs Transmen [1 Cash $$$]:

Your The Leader Of the Pack n your leather jacket and bandanna

[2 Trophies]

Female Figure:

Goth Chicks Rule - We want to see why you own the playground in a gothic chick inspired look [1 Trophy, $$$]


BQ All American Runway:

Punk Never Dies,So Live Out loud, Then Rip The Runway to Shreds in a Kilt {GOOGLE-PUNK} [1 Trophy, $$$]

BQ European Runway:

Gothic Couture

Runway rocks and so should you !!! Serve the runway tonight as the mistress of the underworld in a High Fashion Gothic Couture look [1 Trophy, $$$]

FF Runway:

The Goth Witch

in the name of all things That Bump in the Night bring me high fashion witchery and don't forget your ovah hat (think Salem, Google ‘Goth Witch’) [1 Trophy, $$$]


BQ Vogue Fem:

The Soul Taker

Tonight instead of snatching wigs, you'll be snatching souls as the VooDoo Doctor [1 Trophy, $$$]

FF Performance:

The Craft

I Bind You Nancy From Doing harm against others and harm against yourself! Bring it as one of the craft sisters

[1 Trophy, $$$]


Wicked Elegance

You’re VIP at the Vampires Ball! Come done and don’t forget your accessories [1 Trophy, $$$]


Virgin Vogue:

The Black Cat [1 Trophy]

Virgin Runway: All Black In A Wicked Effect

All Black in A Wicked Effect [1 Trophy]