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New Music: "YASS LAWT" by Anye Elite

Gay Rapper Anye Elite Releases Sexy and Controversial Gay Gospel Track “Yass Lawt" Gay rapper, and social media personality Anye Elite just released new gospel inspired song used to describe his ideal same sex relationship and evangelicals are not happy. (Click To Listen) Los Angeles, California: After a few thousand plays on youtube the majority of the reactions to "Yass Lawt" have been favorable. Anye Elite’s style rests somewhere between confirmed LGBT hip hop acts like Cazwell and Big Freedia and rumored gay mainstream artist such as Tyga and Omarion. However, there are some people who are offended by the use of the phrase “yes lord” although it’s been secularized into “Yass Lawt”. Nonetheless, LGBT rap fans were quick to attack perceptions of homophobia in a tense exchange on the gay rapper’s facebook page this week. The song is available on most major music retailers including Apple Music, Itunes, Spotify, and Tidal. This however isn’t the artist’s first time writing a controversial gay rap lyrics, in 2013 he released “FGM: Faggots Getting Money” a song Elite has described as “an effort to encourage economic empowerment in LGBT minority communities.” There’s no current statement as to any intentions involved with Anye Elite’s latest release. Homosexuals have achieved great progress in hip hop in the last decade with big names such as Frank Ocean, Jussie Smollette, and VH1’s Christopher Milan.

Christopher Milan came out as openly gay. In addition, Anye Elite is attempting to crowdfund the music video by counting on fans of gay rap to contribute to the popular fundraising site Gay rap fans interested in seeing the song come to life on the screen can contribute whatever they want. Song Link: Go Fund Me Link: About Anye Elite: Anye Elite first appeared on the Atlanta musical scene in 2011 with “Exclusively” and “All That Matters” before taking hiatus after the death of his grandfather. Now, Anye has reemerged with a new sound, a new look, and a new album titled No Faux that’s due out the end of 2016. What do you think of the track? Sexy or Sinful? Comment Below