For Immediate Release

Opinion: The Bidens Should Have Testified In Impeachment Trial

Especially since he's not going to be the nominee. A day after the New Hampshire primary and a week or so after the first impeachment in history that doesn't include witnesses it appears as though Joseph Biden will not be the 2020 democratic presidential nominee. Although the GOP was hell bent on defending any improper behavior, it was Democrat's decision to adopt a stance of non-negotiation when Trump fanatics demanded witness testimony from the former Vice-President and his son. They (the dems) were technically right in the sense that, there was nothing that they would've been able to tell us about the inner workings of the White House's decision to withhold financial aid from Ukraine. It doesn't seem like there would have been anything that would shake the cult-like allegiance many have to Donald Trump however, releasing Joe Biden to testify would have given Joe a national platform to combat GOP attacks on him and his family's integrity. Instead we allowed them to calcify the inaccurate idea of a false equivalency with the misdeeds of the current administration. Now Biden's useless to impeachment and anemic in fundraising and delegate wins. Maybe it's time for him to move on.