What Is An Icon City Producer?

I.C.E Producers Are Promoters, Influencers, & Community Leaders Who Are Passionate About Music, The Urban LGBT Community, & other alternative cultures.



Some I.C.E Producers Are College Students Earning Credits; Others Own Their Own Businesses And Use Icon City Entertainment As A Promotional Ally. 



What Does An Icon City Producer Do?

If you like being around live music and creative people this is the opportunity for you. This is a freelance work from home position with roles and responsibilities assigned based on skill set and seniority.


Opportunities Include

Content Creation

  • posting access to Icon City News our "Buzzfeed Like" platform to promote your own businesses and projects or share a fresh take on current events and popular topics. 

Recruiting Local Artists

  •   For Live Shows

  • For Song Promotion 


Live Show Management

  • Collecting Ticket Revenue.

  • Verifying door counts.


Location Scouting

Meeting with club and venue owners.


Street Team Management

Handing Out Flyers & Sharing Promo Codes


Influencer Marketing

If you have enough followers you may be able to get paid for tweeting IconCity.net promotions.

Step 1: Create Icon City Account

Step 2 Submit Application:

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