IconCity.net Adds 7,000 New Users To Platform

News Division Creates Growth For Alternative Urban Brand Icon City Entertainment (our parent company) an urban media company founded by rapper Anye Elite saw significant growth last month.  7,300 new users (or Icon Citizens) joined the site in October vs. 1,900 in September. Icon City Entertainment (our parent company) an urban media company founded by rapper Anye Elite saw significant growth last month.  7,084 new users (or Icon Citizens) joined the site in October vs. 1,803 in September. Much of the growth can be credited to Icon City News and it's editorial team.  Articles about Sampson McCormick, Christopher Milan & other black gay influencers have increased site traffic.  This is good news for contributors who have been promised a portion of the ad revenue. "Building Blocks To Success" Over the last few months Elite (pictured below) has ceded a lot of creative and editorial control over to "Icon City Producers" transforming Icon City from a vanity record label to a diversified multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate. Icon City Producers are bloggers, musicians, party promoters that create and market content together.  Projects are usually formed at the local level in what are referred to as blocks. Learn About Icon City Blocks Learn About Icon City Producers Pictured Above: Anye Elite, managing partner Icon City Entertainment "Branching Out Beyond LGBT Content" As an activist and openly gay rapper Elite has stuck to those roots for the majority of his career. (see Wikipedia) . The new Icon City has combined many of those efforts into his #FunnyMoneyRock platform.  #FunnyMoneyRock or (#FMR) features content and events for queer urban music lovers like #FunnyMoneyLive see below: Smoke and Sound alternatively caters to a different audience.  As medical and recreational marijuana spreads across the country Icon City hopes to establish itself as a premiere destination for urban cannabis enthusiasts 21+.  Similar to FunnyMoneyRock; Smoke and Sound is a content platform featuring curated musical playlists, events and relevant content such as news and product reviews. Next month's trends and report will be  be available Friday, December 6th.  Icon City hopes to expand the goal to 10,000 new users in November.  For more Icon City information visit www.iconcity.org or email team@iconcity.net

This Restaurant Sells Food & Cannabis.

Prohibition is almost over; take a look inside this new concept. Sure they have an extreme cost of living and earthquakes, but another thing the Californians have is recreational marijuana.   Although cannabis has been legal for anyone over 21 for the majority of the year.  Lowell just opened the nations's first Cannabis cafe in Los Angeles and they were looking for a few testers, so of course we were like: The Pros: The place is super ventilated, we were worried the smoke smell might not compliment the food super well. The staff is super friendly and chill.  None of that snobby pretentiousness that Hollywood is known for.  Shout out to Nina (she's one of the managers, we think but didn't ask) for taking pictures for us. The food is good!  It's a small but focused menu. The Cons: Seating is a bit of a problem.  Be prepared to tighten your core as you eat. Almost ever other seat is a stool without backs. They are still waiting on their alcohol license. As you can see we didn't really have much of  negative experiences.  We just can't wait for there to be more of them.  Lowell  Cafe has already been featured in Forbes, so we're sure investors will be lining up to open more soon.  Check out our experience below. Smoke and Sound is a music and content platform for cannabis enthusiast.  The content is intended for audiences in over the age of 21 and residents of states where medical or recreational marijuana is legal.  For more visit www.smokeandsound.com

Luxury L.A. Artist Commemorates Nation's First Pot Arrest

Meet Samuel Caldwell.  He sat in jail so you could light an L. Vennibby is a Los Angeles visual artist and fashion designer; who specializes in reimagining pieces originally manufactured by the some of the world's most iconic brands.  Recently, she gained media attention for deconstructing an already limited edition Louis Vuitton keep all (picture below). This time she's doing something for the cannabis enthusiast and lucky for us, it's much more affordable. While we don't know where Vennibby is sourcing the denim, we do know the source of her inspiration. 82 years ago Samuel R. Caldwell was arrested on the same day that the United States first made marijuana illegal.  According to records, he was sentenced to four years of hard labor for selling two joints. To show off the creative process Vennibby took to Instagram: Get yours before the sale ends on October 15th: Smoke and Sound.com is a content platform  powered by Icon City Entertainment for cannabis news and related musical content and events.

THC Infused Arizona Teas

It's official; coming soon. According to FOX Business, the products would only be available for sale in states where marijuana is legal. Arizona Iced Teas have been getting into all kinds of ish!  Remember when they came out with the cucumber flavor after Boosie and Alexis Skyy go viral with the NSFW #cucumberchallenge? According to a press release, they’re teaming up with Dixie Brands, a Denver-based cannabis company to make it happen. “The cannabis market is an important emerging category, and we’ve maintained our independence as a private business to be positioned to lead and seize generation-defining opportunities exactly like this one,” said Don Vultaggio, Chairman, AriZona Beverages Smoke and Sound is a content platform and live event series for cannabis enthusiast.  21+ only.

Weed Stocks Are Trending

Despite federal challenges an industry begins to take shape. According to an article in Yahoo News; early investors in emerging marijuana companies can see quadruple-digit gains! According to The Motley Fool only two companies have stocks ready for prime time. Trulieve Cannabis and Planet 13 Holdings are the "green brands" most likely to put "green in your pocket" About Planet 13: Although there are only two locations; this company includes a pizzeria, coffee shop, and event center inside it's 112,000 square feet dispensaries! About Trulieve: Trulieve is one of a very select few marijuana stocks that's been profitable on a recurring basis for quite some time. from Motley Fool HONORABLE MENTIONS: Harvest Recreational: This company just secured a $225 million cash infusion last week. Med Men: Although they've been losing money at an alarming rate their status as one of most well known cannabis company may support a comeback. Icon City has no position in any of the stocks mentioned.  This article is not intended to be used as professional investing advice. Smoke and Sound.com is a content platform  powered by Icon City Entertainment for cannabis news and related musical content and events.

Universities Offer Marijuana Masters

Putting the "high" in higher education. Recently, The University of Maryland School Pharmacy announced a new Master of Science in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics this fall.  According to a university press release that degree is designed to teach students how to "support patients and the medical cannabis industry, add to existing research, and develop well-informed medical cannabis policy." Although you'd have to be living under a rock not to notice the way that marijuana legalization is spreading across the country; we were still a little surprised.  When we looked into the issue further we realized that the Univ. of Maryland wasn't the only cannabis college in the country.  Northern Michigan University now offers a four year degree program in medicinal plants chemistry. Economist Project 467,000 Marijuana Jobs By 2022 Even in states where recreational is illegal; a few colleges have launched cannabis studies in preparation for legalization or for students willing to travel to weed friendly states. Colorado, an undisputed leader in the field along with California includes a county that gave out scholarships to 600 students using marijuana taxes. Smoke and Sound.com is a content platform  powered by Icon City Entertainment for cannabis news and related musical content and events.

First Medical Marijuana Company Goes Onto U.S. Stock Exchange

It's all about the green literally and figuratively. From: CNBC: Tilray grows cannabis, processes it, then sells it to tens of thousands of medical marijuana patients in Australia, Canada and Germany through subsidiaries and agreements with pharmaceutical distributors. The company currently grows marijuana in both Canada and Portugal. Currently, products are available in 10 countries on five continents. And Kennedy said his company's customer base will only increase as "country after country around the world" seeks to legalize medical cannabis. He said the "shift away from an illicit market to legal market" would increase adult cannabis users globally from 3.5 million to about 40 million people, with other countries modeling Canada's regulatory framework. Watch our take below: Smoke and Sound.com is a content platform  powered by Icon City Entertainment for cannabis news and related musical content and events.