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*A Dedicated A&R Representative

*Access to Street Teams In Houston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C & Chicago


*Playlist Marketing & Features in Various Publications  

We're not a label, per se but we are here to help you take your music to new and larger audiences. 

  • Unlimited Music Distribution For $40 a year.

  • Free Distribution for Branded Acts " Your Song (featuring Your Name) by

  • Project Based Representation for Press & Gigs.  Negotiable.

Artists Services (Ala Carte)

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*A Dedicated A&R Representative

*Access to Street Teams In Houston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C & Chicago


*Playlist Marketing & Features in Various Publications  

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How It All Works. (FAQ)

Distribution ( Itunes, Spotify and More)

How Much Does It Cost To Get My Music On Itunes?

$40.00 /yr For Unlimited Album & Single Releases We'll get your music into Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, iHeartRadio, YouTube, Deezer and 150+ other stores & streaming services.

Can I Get My Music Distributed For Free?

Yes, because we believe in nurturing independent artists. We created this service for people who are just getting their feet wet in the industry. As long as you don't mind being listed as a featured artists on your own track we can accomodate. We think it's better to do the "Single Solo Release"

How Do I Get Paid From Streaming?

You keep 100% of the rights and 70% percent of the streaming revenue. Payouts are made 4 times a year.

Where Will My Music Be Distributed.

We'll get your music into Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, iHeartRadio, YouTube, Deezer and 150+ other stores & streaming services.

Booking Concert Dates


Artist payment structures will differ depending on the level of artist. As with any Promoter or Talent Buyer, artists that are bigger, signed, and nationally touring will be paid more than an unsigned local or regional artist. Exact pay details are below. HOW MUCH DOES ICON CITY ENTERTAINMENT PAY FOR BIGGER, SIGNED, NATIONALLY TOURING ACTS? Icon City Entertainment will consider offering a pay guarantee and rider fulfillment for notable, larger artists if they are signed to at least a medium sized Record Label and represented by a reputable Booking Agency. In this case, we may offer a guarantee + backend. HOW MUCH CAN ICON CITYY ENTERTAINMENT PAY FOR UNSIGNED LOCAL & REGIONAL ACTS? Icon City Entertainment was founded by local musicians, for local musicians. So we do our best to payout as much as we can to our local acts. Artists are paid what is owed per the E-Contract no matter what, even if the show is a complete loss for us. Each show can vary, but typically we’re able to payout $3 to $6 per fan drawn for acts drawing 40-100+ fans. Acts who draw in the 20-40 range are usually getting $2 to $3 per fan drawn. Acts that breach the contract terms and draw really low are paid very little. We are all about fairness. So the acts that draw the most fans are going to get paid the most. Your Total Payment = Minimum Guaranteed Pay Scale + Bonus Pays + Any Fan Tips YOU ARE PAID BASED ON YOUR TOTAL DRAW You are paid based on your total draw for each show. We track online and physical cash advance sales and we tally each person that pays at the door. Our Pay Structure is designed to reward artists who abide by the E-Contract. If you breach the E-Contract and draw less fans than you agreed to, your pay will be substantially lower, as follows: PAY IS VOIDED IF # of tickets are sold is less or equal to ticket minimum. * If you are booked short notice, your Booking Rep may lower your Tix requirement. In this case, your pay is voided only if you don’t sell the # of Tickets specified in the E-Contract.


The rental agreement we have with each venue ensures that they’ll provide a full PA system and a qualified sound tech. You will never have to bring your own sound person or PA system for #FUNNYMONEYLIVE shows. Anytime you confirm a show with us we will go into more detail as to what the venue provides and what you’ll need to bring. But here are the general guidelines: THE VENUE WILL PROVIDE The PA System Their resident Sound Tech Vocal Microphones Mic Cables Monitors Mic stands Drum Mics (If needed for their size of room) Their house lighting system WHAT ARTISTS NEED TO BRING IF YOU ARE A FULL BAND Your own instruments Instrument cables Amps & cabinets Drums, cymbals, and hardware IF YOU ARE A SOLO/ACOUSTIC ACT Your own instrument(s) Instrument cables (if needed) Amps & cabinets (if needed) Any drum/percussion equipment needed IF YOU ARE A HIP-HOP, RAP, OR R&B ARTIST The Venue provides their FOH Sound Tech. They will run and setup the venue’s in-house PA System, mic stands, wired microphones, perform all mic and backtrack level checks, and play music in between sets. You can bring your own DJ if you prefer. Bring your own turntables if you need them. For playback of your backtracks you’ll need to use a portable audio player (phone, tablet, music player, etc) to plug into the sound system using a standard headphone cable. You can bring an audio CD with your backtracks on it as a secondary backup, and can use that if the venue has a CD player onsite. IF YOU ARE A DJ OR AN ELECTRONIC ACT You’ll have access to the venue’s PA System, sound tech, and their house lighting rig. You’ll need to bring: Your own MIDI Controller (if you use one) Your own Turntables or CDJS (if you use them) Your own laptop (if you use one) Any cables or adapters you need to hook your equipment into the system via XLR or 1/4″ jacks Any other equipment or cables/cords/hook ups you normally gig with

What Happens If I Don't Meet My Ticket Minimum?

If an artist does not meet ticket minimum, their performance may be cancelled or shortened at the Venue's discretion.

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 What City Are You Closest To?

If you are interested in performing at Icon City live events. Select a show date that you are interested in.  Please note: although we do not restrict artists and bands to their current cities.  Icon City Entertainment performance agreements don't include transportation expenses.  Artist will be responsible for all travel cost.


Questions, Comments or Concerns?

I am aware that Icon City Entertainment (Smoke and Sound) will promote my music alongside cannabis content and may not be appropriate for all ages.