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Special Coverage

Virus Leaves U.S. With More Questions Than Answers.

The Novel Coronavirus Emergency

Here's what we are looking at

 1. Scientist say that 80% of the population are at risk of serious complications.  If so, is shutting down the entire government for a minority Americans the most prudent way forward?

2. Will Trump rise to the occasion and become the president we need in a crisis?

3. How are Americans coping with this new normal?

When Health Meets Homophobia, Again


How gay men are being kept from helping fight the pandemic. A growing number of same gender loving men are taking to social media and the mainstream media to vocalize their opposition to public health guidelines that prevent men who have sex with men from donating blood.

As scientists race to understand the novel coronavirus, some researchers are looking at the possibility of using the antibodies generated by people who've successfully fought off COVID 19. However, the World Health Organization is has reported in the past that some people may become ill again once reinfected with the virus. Although the FDA has commenced a study that could lead to the removal of a lifetime ban on donating blood for men who have sex with other men they've also issued an emergency for blood banks to accept men who've abstained from same-gender relations for 3 months. The deferral period was previously 12 months. Although all communities encounter illnesses at a higher rate disproportionately to others, however, LGBT Americans possess a very intimate relationship to pandemics made worse by failed governmental leadership and stigma. Donald Trump's inclination to minimize the severity of the COVID 19 sadly is reminiscent of former President Ronald Reagan's reluctance to even publicly acknowledge HIV the virus that causes AIDS if untreated. Even now when scientific leaders and veterans of past viral flashpoints like Dr. Anthony Fauci are silenced and prevented from sharing what they know, we can be sure that the effects of coronavirus life every other poorly managed epidemic will be with us for a generation. #covid19

Dr. Fauci Says Ease Up On The Grindr


Not that it's any different than other apps but he was asked specifically. Dr. Fauci has become everyone's favorite doctor for his ability to work with President Trump while at the same time maintaining his credibility. Which can be a gargantuan task. As a matter of fact, we can't think of anyone else who's accomplished this amazing feat. That's why it's not surprising that his opinion would matter to the LGBT community. Peter Hamby (a reporter for Vanity Fair) asked Fauci if he could still meet up with the cute guy who tapped him on Grindr? Fauci was cool and didn’t dismiss the idea completely but, he did say that anyone hooking up on any app is potentially putting the health of them and their loved ones at risk. “If you’re looking for a friend, sit in a room and put a mask on, and you know, chat a bit,” he continued. “If you want to go a little bit more intimate, well, then that’s your choice regarding a risk.” Watch below to see what dating apps like Grindr are saying in response. #FunnyMoneyRock is a content platform powered by Icon City Entertainment for urban LGBT news and related musical content and events. The #FunnyMoneyRockPlaylist Apple Music and Spotify are the only curated playlist featuring 100% LGBT Hip-Hop & R&B music from signed and independent artists. Join our mailing list to stay connected: Questions comments and concerns #covid19

Most Trump Allies Are Of Low Quality, But Let's Talk About The Black Ones.


In my Nene Leakes voice, "I said what I said". Sometimes the truth is uncomfortable, especially when it's focused on a particular group of people. That being said everyone knows that President Trump's need to be adored is very close to if not the core of existence. Many people of all races, genders, and religions and even sexual orientations have knelt at the altar of Trump Worship. Instead of speaking in tongues, followers are encouraged to cosign some of the current President's most outlandish claims. What's worse is that others feel compelled to share similar propaganda that even he's too afraid to say publicly. Luckily when two Youtube hosts turned Fox News contributors began to spread misleading information related to the COVID 19 pandemic and efforts to slow it's spread; corporate leadership joined local governors in filling the leadership void created by the current White House. Twitter temporarily suspended the accounts of Silk and Diamond; two black female YouTubers two rose to fame during the 2016 presidential election as an example of black supporters of then-candidate Trump. The suspension was in result of a post that was interpreted by many as encouraging people to disregard social distancing and stay at home guidelines aimed at slowing the spread of the novel coronavirus. To be clear, the tweet below is dangerous and incorrect. We're only displaying it to provide context to the story. It's not just these ladies who've demonstrated a willingness to destroy their own credibility for Trump's sake. Celebrated brain surgeon Ben Carson who was portrayed in a movie by academy award winner Cuba Gooding Jr. has become a Saturday Night Live punchline in his role as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. While certainly not a "low quality" individual as the title may suggest; even Kanye West has suffered a hit to his stock for bizarre statements he's made in his support for Donald Trump. (Of course, some may blame Kim Kardashian and fallout with Bey & Jay for the Kanye's transformation from the voice of the people to Joel Osteen and Donald Trump's go-to negro) Even in the midst of this global pandemic, U.S. Surgeon General Jerome raised eyebrows by suggesting that black people stay at home for their "big momma" a clumsy reference to a 90's Martin Lawrence movie and rates of diabetes within the African-American community. We don't have time to get into Omarosa or even Wendy Williams who mainly avoided any outright endorsements of the President although she made some excuses for him on her showing during the beginning of his term. People have the right to support who they want regardless of race, religion or creed. However when you combine Trump's need to be worshipped, his own statements and past with racial discrimination in housing with the history of subjugation of black people in the United States it becomes especially difficult for many people of color around the world to watch as former luminaries of our community our reduced to mere minstrels. #silkanddiamond #covid19 #theblackvote2020 #kanyewest #foxnews

38 Attendees Of A Florida Gay Pride Festival Test Positive For Covid 19


Could earlier leadership from the Governor have made a difference? Who should have warned us? That is the burning question on the mind of attendees of the Winter Party Festival hosted by the "National LGBTQ Task Force" in Miami Beach, Florida. That is after 38 attendees of the festival tested positive for COVID 19 also known as the coronavirus. Of the attendees, 2 have died. What's more, many disbursed across the country after the festival ended. Florida was among a number of states with Governor's who were reluctant to impose "stay at home" orders to protect citizens and slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. Gov. Ron Desantis' opposition was particularly noted in major press outlets. Social distancing efforts were non-existent during the Winter Party Festival which like most circuit party's included gay men packed together dancing in a hot sweaty mess. We like it like that. If only someone would of of told them that this wasn't the time for that. #FunnyMoneyRock is a content platform powered by Icon City Entertainment for urban LGBT news and related musical content and events. The #FunnyMoneyRockPlaylist Apple Music and Spotify are the only curated playlist featuring 100% LGBT Hip-Hop & R&B music from signed and independent artists. Join our mailing list to stay connected: Questions comments and concerns #covid19 #winterparty #iconcitymiami

Are You Paying October's Rent? They're Not.


Rent strikes on the rise as owners try to collect amidst pandemic. Even though Bernie Sanders is not the presumptive democratic nominee many of his "democratic socialist" are becoming more and more mainstream in response to the COVID 19 crisis. As the entire U.S. economy grinds to halt, ideas like universal basic income, universal healthcare, even government-controlled manufacturing are being considered by lawmakers seeking to help an economy in peril. Now while this might delight some it petrifies and even infuriates others.

A group of conservative lawyers and politicos are looking to the constitution to challenge various foreclosure and eviction moratoriums placed on banks and landlords to avoid the displacement of millions of newly unemployed Americans.

The argument goes a little like this: even though a temporary "suspension" of rent or mortgage payments might be constitutional, temporarily canceling them would probably run afoul of the U.S. Constitution's Contract Clause (which basically prevents the state from breaking private contracts) and the Takings Clause (which prevents from the state from depriving a property owner of "all economically beneficial or productive use of the land"). Many state constitutions contain similar costs. In fact, a recent Buzzfeed news article tells the story of a management company emailed hundreds of tenants demanding they pay the rent. Saturn Management is urging tenants to seek public services intended for things like groceries, medicine, and gasoline to pay the rent. Misleadingly the management company claims to need the funds for things like mortgages and utilities for which property owner and banks are receiving similar protections and might I add in most cases much larger amounts of cash assistance. Because the tenants were not bcc'd which inspired the tenants to join a growing number of renters in "rent strikes" Because of the constitutional arguments I touched on earlier there is a risk that many of these actions could end in eviction proceedings. On the flip side, veteran rent strike organizers are betting on the current yet historically high levels of unemployment might force a sea change. #covid19 #incomeequality

Crisis Or Not, This Reporter Is Not Letting Trump Off The Hook.


News junkies know her, you should too. Many people around the world are praising PBS news anchor Yamiche Alcindo for her most recent exchange (video below) with the current occupant refers to her as "you people", tells her to "be nice", and accuses her of being "threatening". Not even a worldwide pandemic threating to fundamentally change humanity can stop one Donald J. Trump for developing a personal beef with anyone who even remotely questions his authority. The president's coronavirus feuds have included his own infectious diseases advisor Tony Fauci as well as a number of state governors. Yamiche Alcindo, the PBS Whitehouse correspondent has been the latest to earn Trump's ire. Trump's Obsession With Her Employment This is not the President's first time personally attacking reporters or Alcindor specifically. Donald seems to really be interested in the circumstances that lead Alcindor to leave Time Magazine for PBS. We're not sure what he's trying to insinuate. Twitter Has Yamiche's Back #theblackvote2020 #covid19

How Much To Expect From Your Covid Recovery Check


It depends on how, when, and if you filed your taxes. Although relatively few Americans have been infected by novel coronavirus known as Covid-19, it seems like everyone has been affected. In the third attempt to address this public health emergency U.S. leaders are close to passing a stimulus, er recovery to help the millions of Americans who are out of work due to social distancing. How It All Works While anything helps it's not immediately clear if this is going to amount to meaningful relief for hourly workers in expensive locales like New York City, Seattle & San Francisco. Couples don't fare much better. What do you think? Is this enough can they do more. #covid19