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Special Coverage

African-Americans Beginning To Resent Media Pressure

The Black Vote 2020

Here's what we are looking at

1. After the first two Primaries failed to reduce the number of people running for the Democratic nomination will minority voters in Nevada and South Carolina do what the other two states couldnt?

2. Will black voters be motivated to participate in the primaries and general election and if not will they be blamed for the reelection of Donald J. Trump?

3. What would it take to see black turnout meet Obama levels without a candidate of color on the ballot?

Crisis Or Not, This Reporter Is Not Letting Trump Off The Hook.

News junkies know her, you should too. Many people around the world are praising PBS news anchor Yamiche Alcindo for her most recent exchange (video below) with the current occupant refers to her as "you people", tells her to "be nice", and accuses her of being "threatening". Not even a worldwide pandemic threating to fundamentally change humanity can stop one Donald J. Trump for developing a personal beef with anyone who even remotely questions his authority. The president's coronavirus feuds have included his own infectious diseases advisor Tony Fauci as well as a number of state governors. Yamiche Alcindo, the PBS Whitehouse correspondent has been the latest to earn Trump's ire. Trump's Obsession With Her Employment This is not the President's first time personally attacking reporters or Alcindor specifically. Donald seems to really be interested in the circumstances that lead Alcindor to leave Time Magazine for PBS. We're not sure what he's trying to insinuate. Twitter Has Yamiche's Back #theblackvote2020 #covid19


Joe Biden Won Super Tuesday

Joe wins 9 states Bernie Wins 5 Video: Biden Attacked By Protestor Super Tuesday Night 6:10 p.s.t: Biden projected to win the state of Tenessee The South Clearly Had A Favorite Biden's victories in Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee & Virginia were so overwhelming that the states were called for the former vice-president within seconds. of polls closing. 5:12 p.s.t: CNN and NBC project that Biden will win Alabama. Sanders has won Vermont. (FB Post from black gay activist D'Angelo Morrison demonstrating Biden's deep support among southern black) 4:11 p.s.t: Thanks to overwhelming support from the African-American community and high profile campaign suspensions and endorsements from his rivals, Joe Biden may be on his way to an upset. Perhaps it's because people love to ultimately root for the underdog. It can't be understated what a turn of events this is for a canidacy that seemed to be on life support a month ago. We're still waiting to see how big prizes like California and Texas report but based on Biden's blitz with Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti it looks like it's going to be close. #theblackvote2020


Rapper Finally Breaks Down Politics For The Streets

Next time someone says their vote doesn't count, play this. I don't know if you've seen it yet but Ohio rapper YelloPain is making major waves with the video for his latest song "My Vote Don't Count". In it he breaks down the three branches of government in a way that will not only open your eyes but also keep your head nodding. At the time of this article the video has over a half a million votes. Based on the number of people that I've had conversations about the video with, I suspect that there may be a bug in the system and that he has more views. Either way this may be a good sign for #theblackvote2020 No Trump Bashing In light of the rising number of African-American Trump supporters, it's probably helpful that YelloPain avoids trashing the current commander in chief. In a sense the main point of the song is to encourage people to look deeper into the political system than the high profile races for executive positions like President and Governor. First Song To Be Added To Both Icon City Entertainment Playlists In honor of the upcoming 2020 election our editorial team added "My Vote Doesn't Count" to the #FunnyMoneyLive and #SmokeandSound playlist.